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Ketcham Services 2016

Welcome to Ketcham Farm at Cream Ridge.  We hope that after viewing our web site, you have the opportunity to come out and visit us at our facilities in Allentown, where you can always be assured of receiving the highest level of attention and care. We are riders ourselves – and in creating Ketcham Farm at Cream Ridge set out to create the very best training experience available – for our horses, ourselves, and our clients and their horses. We settle for nothing but the very best – in footing, training facilities and tools, grooming, veterinary health and wellness support, and training curriculum and methods – in a professional, safe and pleasant atmosphere. 


Complete Care, Riding, Training and Lessons.  Grooming – including wrapping, blanketing, turnout, tacking and application of medical attention.  Pricing available upon request. 

   Additional Fees:
     - Medications, Medical Supplies, Dietary Supplements
     - Veterinary Services - Billed directly by Vet
     - Farrier Services - Billed directly by Farrier
     - Clipping – Full body
     - Quarterly Pad and Wrap replacement

   Show Daycare    (coaching included) - $ 125 per horse per day
   Common Charge - $ Per horse - at cost, 
       - Staff Accommodations,
       - Tack Stalls (most fees will be billed directly by Show, based on splits)
       - Set-up Costs
   Professional Ride at Show - $ 50 per ride
   Vendor Fees
       - Security NightWatch - As billed by Vendor
       - Laundry Services - As billed by Vendor
       - Ferrier Services - As billed by Farrier
       - Veterinary Services - As billed by Veterinarian
   Transportation – Round Trip - $ 75 per horse
       + $0.70 per mile, per horse after first 20 miles
       + total tolls, divided by number of  horses on transport


   Lessons - $ 75 per lesson
   Schooling - $50 per ride
   Veterinary Care, Medications, Medical Supplies - As billed by Vet, or Vendor
   Laundry & Dry Cleaning Charge - As billed by Vendor
   Retainer Relationship available: 
   On-site Lessons at Ketcham, Show Coaching     
              (see Show Schedule) - Prices available upon requet

* Prices subject to applicable New Jersey State sales tax (August 13, 2008 – information guide available on request)  
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